“3D” Transformational Coaching

One to One Coaching

Transformation is a process. As you begin to evolve your life and your self, a key part of that process is to de-program old information. Sometimes it helps to give your system time to reboot or integrate into your new awareness. Additionally, there are often a variety of sub-scripts or patterns simultaneously affecting your area of focus. Like threads in a tapestry, they can connect to several different areas of your psyche and body.

Therefore I don’t tend to work with a client for less than 12 weeks or sessions. Packages are available with special package pricing, and can be customized to you and your needs.


During these sessions, we will focus on the three dimensions of your being: the physical body, your spirit or energy, and your psyche (including mental and emotional). All of these different areas are like juggling spinning plates, and when we go through our daily life we struggle to balance all of them. Most coaches will only focus on one, which is like deciding to hold on to one plate and hoping the others remain in the air. What’s to stop those other plates from crashing to the ground? By seeing the unique way you have connected all these areas together allows us to balance all of them simultaneously

These kinds of sessions are usually what we begin with, and as we dig deeper, many clients will sprinkle in a few intuitive healing sessions too. We then move back into a “3D” transformational session to consciously integrate what has been healed or shifted during the healing.

Sessions tend to be spaced 5 to 7 days apart so that in-between you have time to process everything at the mental, emotional and physical levels. Sometimes you’ll have activities (such as journaling or meditations) to do between sessions, or movements (such as a certain stretch or exercise).

If you’re curious what a package of “3D” Transformational Coaching sessions might look like, see the example case narrative of Jim.




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Rachel Rofe, Amazon Best Selling Author

Our weekly coaching calls brought me new insights and new perspective. Mariah is truly gifted! She offers clear communication. She creates a space for trust and skillfully reframed situations that allowed me to release the past and focus on my future. You will be amazed to see how your life transforms too! Thank you Mariah! […]