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sally“I keep very busy at work, and actually love what I do for a living. I know most people are stressed by their career but I actually get a lot of satisfaction out of it – I know I’m helping people. But I’m starting to wonder if all the energy I put into my work is beginning to affect my health. I feel confused about all the options out there, with everyone recommending something different. I really got into nutrition and researching alternative health two years ago, but after trying several different things I just feel more confused than ever. And my body feels tired. I’m starting to gain weight when I should be losing it. I thought I was doing all the right things, but now I feel lost.

What is it my body needs to feel good again and get back into shape?”

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Sally’s question, and even much of her story, is one I hear often from my clients. Though it shows up more with the women I work with, many men work themselves to exhaustion as well, though their bodies tend to display illnesses like diabetes, ulcers, or chronic fatigue. Like Jim, Sally here isn’t a real client, but rather a familiar pattern I’ve seen often.

Particularly when one becomes so passionately invested in helping and supporting others, either in career or at home, that level of outpouring into others can begin to deplete a person if she (or he) is not giving from an already full or charged container. In such cases, much of our work together will focus on where the physiology got programmed around giving and receiving, taking in and letting go (which relates to energy management, digestion, and so forth). As an example…


If You Were Sally, Here’s What I Might Say To You…

When we see our body expressing a reaction to our lifestyle, the simple truth is that “the issue is in the tissue.” Your body will literally store your memories (particularly when emotionally-charged) in your tissues as a form of physiological programming. So we’ll want to begin here by looking at how you’ve become programmed around your body, and also around the question of whether you can keep going at the pace you’ve been setting for yourself. Where are you centering more around your ability to take care of others, rather than yourself?

For example, isn’t it interesting that the one area you’ve chosen to focus on nourishing and taking care of yourself – the area of your health – is one that is also providing you a lot of confusion, frustration, and stress? This can often happen for us when we’ve become disconnected from our ability to simply ask the body what it needs.

So you’ve gotten really good at seeing what other people need and what the business needs and anticipating the needs of your clients… you’re incredible at getting the job done and being very professional. Yet when it comes to the one way you wish to focus on yourself, that clarity and capability seems to be missing.

And so your digestion is beginning to suffer, your energy levels have begun to drop, and you can’t seem to make time for healthy meals or meal planning. When you do go shopping, do you feel confused as to what to buy? The best foods to eat for increasing energy or losing weight. Depending on who you ask in the health, medical and alternative medicine fields, you’ll get a dozen different answers because you talked to a dozen different people!

think sally Everywhere you turn in the supermarket or in your research, what you get is a   dizzying array of so many different recommendations. All these are programs  telling you how to treat your body. And they are external programs outside of you, so they’re also probably making you feel like you don’t have permission to access your own inner wisdom around what your body actually wants or needs.

So even when you begin that rigorous diet or exercise program… the pounds don’t come off. Or when you do manage to make progress through concentrated effort… the moment you come back into your old patterns and daily grind, the pounds come back too.

This can lead to a frustration and inner blame game where you try to educate yourself regarding genetically modified foods, eating organic, and the keys to being healthy – but you also sip your glass of red wine each night, paralyzed by so many questions and way too many answers, and you wonder why you don’t feel good and what you’re doing wrong.

All of that can feel very heavy.

So consider this: what if your body doesn’t have a weight problem, or an energy deficiency? What if what’s really going on is all this weight on your psyche, in your emotional reality, that is getting stored in and expressed by your body?

Most often, these kinds of health complaints aren’t really about your diet, getting proper nutrition or getting enough exercise. It’s that the way you’ve been operating in your life is causing you to have your energy drained, siphoned, leaking…

It’s like having a laptop that’s running on just its battery. Normally it has a battery life of, let’s say, five hours. But if you have too many programs running at once, it will slow down the whole system and drain the battery far quicker. A laptop running like this won’t have enough charge or energy to get through the whole day. If it doesn’t get plugged in to recharge, it must go to sleep or power down. Juggling so many outside perspectives and opinions about your body and its health… plus all the unconscious programs already running in your subconscious… can be having the same effect on you.


If You Were Sally, Here’s Where a Solution Would Begin To Form…

Where we want to begin is to bring you back into yourself. To plug in and train your system to re-charge and fill up when it needs to. This is also about tuning back into your own inner wisdom, reconnecting with your body in a way that you ask it what it needs.

Because all that effort you’re experiencing around trying to figure out why you can’t get your health online: it’s that all these other influences are impacting you. Going to the grocery store can be very confusing! Researching what all the scientists and experts say about the body and its health is baffling because no one seems to agree on very much.

But here’s the good news: the physical body is the last stop. What came first was the energetic dynamic, and it’s okay that a lot of people won’t see it at that stage. Sometimes it has to dense down into the body… to become a physiological condition… so you can see it and start shifting it.

When we realize that what needs to be shifted is the source of the problem, and not the symptom, we can begin to create profound transformations – and sometimes quite rapidly – because we have permission to work at the level of energy, which is a space of effortlessness.

So it’s not even that you have a health problem. You have an energy problem. You’ve been programmed by so many outside influences – outside influences that are robbing you of your own energy, attention, and so forth, which are in turn depleting your own physical body. It’s not a weight issue… it’s more of an internal gauge that needs to be re-calibrated.

So imagine if the source of your problem were simply that your body is always being depleted of its energy. That it has been trained to hold on to any and all incoming energy as a result, including all the food you eat. And even when you exercise, your body is running on a program that says it’s depleted and not filling up. So it will refuse to release that stored food. What if this is why you feel like you’re always running on empty with no energy?


What Our Sessions Might Look Like

Every person I work with has a unique situation that calls for unique solutions. Even two people with the same complaint have entirely unique personalities, experiences and personal programming. However, as an example, here’s what our sessions might look like if you were Sally…

Part One: Looking at your body
As we’ve already started to see, your body is always communicating with you. And a cornerstone of any healthy relationship is your ability to listen, and really hear what is being communicated to you. In these initial sessions, we begin to look at what your body is expressing, namely which specific parts of your body, and what programming or emotional memory may be stored there. We will also look at the messages you are sending to your body, and the ways your body’s hardware is executing those messages.

Part Two: Intuitive healings of the body
Though we have already begun to shift the underlying energy and messages your body will use to create from this point forward, often times we will also want to heal what has already begun to manifest physically. Alongside my experience in medical massage therapy and understanding of anatomy, I am also a trained clairvoyant healer and can work with your body to heal specific complaints.

In this case, I would do a healing of the digestive tract and also some of the female organs, as with Sally here, there is a strong connection to her female energy and the level of permission she has at an energetic level to receive and therefore let go, which are both qualities of feminine energy.

Part Three: Re-scripting the body & repairing the relationship
In many cases, sessions don’t fit perfectly into any express order, and we will often cover all three of these parts to varying degrees in each session. For example, the body will often need a bit of time to catch up to any healings or breakthroughs we’ve done at the mental, emotional or energetic levels. One of the best ways to achieve lasting results is to never give the body more than it can handle at any given time. So in some cases we will do multiple healing sessions, and in between those sessions, have coaching sessions to begin re-scripting the body and repairing your relationship to your body, around the specific areas we’ve just healed.

What this might look like, for example, would be a re-patterning of your relationship to exercise. Most people go into a space of effort around exercise. There may also be stacked emotions wrapped up in there too, like guilt, punishment, expectation or even entitlement (“I did two hours of exercise, why haven’t I lost a pound?!”).

So while we may have corrected an existing issue, if you continue to relate to your body with outdated and unhealthy programming, the issue will eventually return, or a new one will take its place. Another way to look at this, is if you relate to exercise with effort, your body will express effort. Such as manifesting pain so it’s an effort to workout, or slowing digestion and refusing to release stored fat so you can be in effort around weight loss.

The body will always follow your direction. So the focus here is to get clear about the directives you’re giving – to de-program any unconscious directives that are conflicting with your goals, and to strengthen the ones you want to keep.

Though you are surely not Sally here, you might have noticed bits and pieces of yourself in her story. You might even already glimpse the new story we could create for you and your body!

If you’d like to explore creating your next steps with me, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here, or email me at


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