Intuitive Healing Sessions

Distance Healings

These healing sessions are performed while you lay down on your couch or bed, in the comfort of your own home. I will phone you to discuss our objectives for the session for about 15 minutes, and then we’ll hang up so that you can get comfortable and be present with your body while I begin your healing.

These sessions are often included within larger coaching packages (special package pricing available).

Intuitive healing is helpful for physical pain or complaints, but also for when the source of an issue runs so deep beneath the surface of your awareness that peeling back the layers of your consciousness isn’t enough. Sometimes it helps to go beneath conscious awareness and work directly with the energy.

This is because any deeply embedded trauma will act like a rubber band… so that you can stretch and grow in your life, but it will always snap you back with the pain that is stored there. So we work with the subtle energies in these sessions, which can have profound effect while being non-evasive. Many clients also enjoy the added benefit of viscerally experiencing their own energy shifting and moving.

Another benefit lies in this being a distance healing. Because sometimes when people are being observed in the middle of such a process, they will shut down or not fully engage in their release. Working with you from a distance allows you the safety and comfort of processing any old wounds and deep psychological scars in the comfort of your own home and in privacy. You’re invited to tune into yourself, in a space of trust and freedom, and to be present in whatever expression you need or want to step into.

So much of healing is about your ability to release and let go. I am here to help you let go of the deeper, stubborn wounds or traumas – those things that have yet to be released before now – so that you can leap and grow and create in your life unhindered and more fully in command of your limitless nature.

Areas where distance healing is often used are:

  • Physical Abuse and Wounding
  • War Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress
  • Rape, Sexual Trauma, Incest
  • Acute Pain, Injury from an Accident
  • Chronic Illness or Physical Complaints
  • Chronic Traumas: Poverty, Racism, Sexism
  • Psychological Abuse and Deeply Embedded Programming
  • Major Life Transitions: Divorce, Loss, Death of a Loved One
  • Sexual Dysfunction or Challenge to Female/Male Organs

If you’re curious what a package of intuitive healing sessions might look like (in this case paired with transformational coaching), see the example case narrative of Sally.



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