Soul Core Body Work Sessions

flowertowel resizeSCB Session — $2,000

These specialty sessions are conducted in-person on the island of Maui in Hawaii. As my home of Maui is a vacation destination, many of my clients often visit, these personal and immersive sessions give us an opportunity to uniquely meld medical massage, energetic healing and coaching, all into a powerful 4 hours, conducted over two days.

Offered nowhere else, this type of session activates healing at all levels of your being, a total psycho-physiospiritual transformation.

The Complete Soul Core Body Work Experience Includes:

  • Initial 30-minute prep coaching session to establish objectives.
  • Grounding meditation to bring you and your body into optimal state for the actual Soul Core Body Work session
  • 90-minute Soul Core Body Work Session
    • Combination of muscle manipulation, myofascial unwinding, medical massage
    • Energetic healing and aligning of body with spirit
    • Release of stored pain patterns in the muscle fibers (includes both physical and emotional pain)
  • 30-minute Debrief, which is a powerful time for us to discuss what you noticed, felt and experienced, as well as to explain to you what transpired during the session and additional guidance for what you can do over the next 24 hours to integrate the healing
  • 90-minute “3D” Transformational Coaching Session face-to-face the following day



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Rachel Rofe, Amazon Best Selling Author

Our weekly coaching calls brought me new insights and new perspective. Mariah is truly gifted! She offers clear communication. She creates a space for trust and skillfully reframed situations that allowed me to release the past and focus on my future. You will be amazed to see how your life transforms too! Thank you Mariah! […]