The Process

One of the first questions I get when speaking to someone about what I do is, “What exactly do we do in a transformational coaching session?”

And what I usually say is that you’re going to have a far better idea of that than I will until we jump in and get started. Why? Because each session is so individual to the client and their own personal history, goals and awareness that it’s very difficult for me to ever say I follow a specific structure or approach to each call.

However, if you visit the Are You Jim? or Are You Sally? pages, you’ll get a very good idea of how I approach two types of clients I often encounter. And below, you’ll get a clear picture of the core process underlying what I do…

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When it comes to relationships, most of us would agree that the most potent asset we have is communication. Yet, have you ever tried to communicate with someone and it felt like no matter how hard you tried, they simply weren’t hearing what you were saying? As if they weren’t speaking your language and couldn’t understand the words coming out of your mouth.

This severe lack of communication between two people can also happen within you – between what you consciously intend to create… and what you actually get.

You’ve sat down at the banquet table of life thinking you ordered a filet mignon, yet when your food arrives, it’s meatloaf.  What has happened here?

It can seem like a silly analogy but the point is, there has been a communication breakdown. A distortion in the communication.


The Process is About the Programming

Nearly all of us have conflicting or contradictory programs running in our subconscious. As we attempt to consciously send directions out into our world, or even to our body… such as in terms of succeeding in our career, determining our life purpose, or optimizing our health… something often gets lost in translation.

In our coaching sessions together, part of what I do is to come in and help you translate. I lead you through deprogramming the sub-scripts that are running in conflict to the program you’re trying to consciously install. It gets your entire being on the same page, and moving in the same direction.


How Upgrading Your Life is a Little Like Upgrading Your Computer…

Have you ever been so excited to upgrade your computer’s operating system and suddenly an application stops working? Or have you ever upgraded a particular program with a patch and suddenly the whole system crashes? In the computer world it happens all the time. It’s also happening all the time in our inner world. It’s just that few people ever talk about or even notice it.

What’s happening here is that there is a software conflict – somewhere that communication is failing because the upgrade you attempted didn’t play well with some of the programs you already had running.the process

It’s not the upgrade that’s the problem, it’s another, before-now hidden program you never noticed that is running counter to what you’re trying to achieve. It worked fine in your old system. But as you upgrade your life (your body, your consciousness, your career), programs that were running before will no longer be optimal. And so many times upgrading one piece of the system may require other upgrades as well.


Do our sessions need to be in person if you’re conducting a healing or we are working with physiology?
No, we do not need to be in person. The majority of my client sessions are performed by phone or Skype. Email me if you’d like to discuss your specific situation.



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Our weekly coaching calls brought me new insights and new perspective. Mariah is truly gifted! She offers clear communication. She creates a space for trust and skillfully reframed situations that allowed me to release the past and focus on my future. You will be amazed to see how your life transforms too! Thank you Mariah! […]